Wood Recycling

Rachel Talbott is one of my favorite YouTubers. Aside from having an adorable husband (who happens to have a cooking channel)  and kids, she is also a mother, a singer-songwriter, and the queen of DIY projects.

Her family recently moved to a new home, and it kept her busy with decorating. Some of the best DIY’s she made (I think) are the ones made from wood. The previous owner of the house left a few scraps for her to work with so it’s not really necessary to buy a lot of materials anymore.

If you are seeking inspiration for your next DIY project,  here are some of her suggestions. Who knows, this will jumpstart a career in arts and crafts and let you earn some cash on the side.

1. Framed chalkboard

For toddlers, writing on the wall seems too hard to resist. To prevent that, she came up with a framed chalkboard for their eldest, Oliver. All you need is chalk paint, wood board, and some leftover wood for the frame. After painting the wood board, measure and cut the leftover wood using a miter saw to create the frame. Attach the frame using glue and add screws to hold it in place. Attached a bracket at the back and you’re all set.

2. Towel ladder

Using a popular board, decide on what length and width you’d like your ladder to be. Then use a miter saw to cut the pieces. Assemble using a drill bit and make sure that everything is leveled. Aside from being a towel ladder in your bathroom, you can also use this in the living room as an accent piece or a magazine holder.

3. Succulent caddy

For succulent lovers, this is an easy DIY for a unique centerpiece. Fill a small container with stones, potting soil, and succulents. Arrange the plants and place the container in the caddy and there you have it.

4. Necklace holder

Apply a thin coat of wood stain on a piece of chopped wood. Let it dry. Drill holes using a drill bit, and screw different types of doorknobs for a vintage feel. Lastly, drill a hook at the back and hang it on the wall or in your closet door.

5. Bath tray

Cut the piece of wood based on your desired length. Screw small pieces at the bottom part to prevent the board from sliding. Then, use wood stain or any wood paint for finishing touches. Here you can put your towels, scented candles, soap, scrubs, and other bath essentials for the perfect spa feel.