ECOR uses low/no-value materials and turns them into extremely HIGH VALUE products.



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  • "If Frank Lloyd Wright were alive today, he would be using ECOR."

    Doug Volker, Director of Licensing and Product Development for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
  • “What’s incredible about ECOR® is that it solves what I see as the principle dilemma of my industry – the astonishing volume of waste we generate – while also addressing many of the design and engineering problems we are constantly trying to work around.”

    Eric Winston, Founder, SFDS Fabrication
  • “Superb design technology married with environmentally responsible material science! To date, “Green” materials have implied a compromise in performance; NET breaks away from the pack by proving it can make superior products from “green” raw materials, and in doing so opening up vast licensing opportunities.”

    Christopher Gann, Former Global VP of Licensing and Technology for DOW Chemical Company
  • “Rarely have I seen a technology with the IP potential of ECOR®. It’s a game changer.”

    John Gartman, Former National Head of IP Litigation, Fish & Richardson PC
  • “The versatility this product provides to designers is simply amazing …    I find new uses for the technology weekly.”

    Earl Walls, Former CEO Walls & Associates and Design Engineer Monsanto Chemical Company
  • "ECOR® is that rare product that has the capacity to completely revolutionize how builders and architects plan projects."

    Brock Walker, Designer at Microsoft